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[TENTATIVE] Application Prot Warrior

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  • [TENTATIVE] Application Prot Warrior

    Name: Marc Beaubien
    Character Name: Insanobugs
    Server Currently on: Ysera
    Class: Prot Warrior
    Link to the characters armory that you are applying with (PvE gear only):
    Battletag: Simple #1441

    References: Starting new account so no friends list and im not sure old guildies are even still playing

    Started raiding in WOTLK(tank) Nax( Full Clear)

    Ulduar( HM everything up to firefighter)

    TOC(full TOGC clear)

    (DPS) ICC( Full H clear with LK kill at 25% buff)

    Cataclysm(DPS) BWD(10man 5/6H)

    BoT(10man 5/5H)

    Tofw(as a 10 man group we decided to skip this on H)

    FL(7/7 H)

    (Heal) DS(8/8 H) With top 200 parses on warmaster

    Mist of Pandaria (Tank) Short Stint in TOT

    WOD (Didnt play)

    Legion (tank) TOS(9/9N 4/9 H) Pugs

    Classes/roles played: Wotlk: Warrior/tank Deathknight/dps

    Cata: DK/dps Dpriest/healer
    Reason for leaving your previous guild: Guild broke up after cata(last serious play)

    We raid Tuesday & Saturday - 6:00 until 9:00 (PST) are you unavailable for any of these "raid days"? Yes those days fit my schedule perfectly.

    Why do you want to join? Your guild seems to fit exactly what I am looking for; a familiar and friendly guild that doesn't care about mythic but is filled with competent players.

    Post a screenshot of your UI showing that you posses the knowledge of a focus target, omen, DBM, and anything else you feel would show your knowledge of raiding:

    Additional Information you would like us to know: Im open to criticism and always willing to improve.

    Who from Crisis helped you find our website?: Grizz

    If the moon was made out of BBQ spare ribs, would you eat it? Only if im able to be nasty

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    Hey man! TY for the app!
    Like I said, there are a few that would like to test you out in M+, including myself!
    Hopefully in the next couple days we can get some time figured out.
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      Originally posted by insanobugs View Post
      If the moon was made out of BBQ spare ribs, would you eat it? Only if im able to be nasty
      I like this guy.

      Seriously, great app! Looking forward to running some M+'s with you. =)

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